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STS 5-15-08

Of all the people I evaluate, including the best athletes in the world, the No. 1 focus is hip function and stability, which is to say how we use our pelvis. If people better understood how to use the pelvis and hips, we could eradicate lower back pain, knee pain, foot ailments and a host of other aches that make us miserable. - Mark Verstegen

This article is one of the best I've read in a really, really long time. Read it, adopt it, & share it with everyone you know. There's not a single person who can't benefit from this.

We want to move from the hips in everything we do, while maintaining
perfect posture.
The reason we see so many running-related injuries is
because people don't have the necessary hip stability. Runners have to
be able to effectively balance on a single leg and move from the hips. If the hips don't stabilize, the force created by the pounding of
running is stored in the body.But if you're stable in the hips, core and
shoulders, the energy transfers through the feet, legs, core and through the opposite arm, creating maximum energy.
If you lack stability, the
energy is absorbed and stored in the muscles, tendons and joints, leading to overuse injuries. By creating a mobile and stabile hip joint, we will store and release energy efficiently, creating optimum movement. Muscles are our suspension system. Their job is to store and release energy efficiently.

Here's Mark Twight being his usual badass self. Check out the Overhead Squats to sled runs...just filthy.

Here's a pretty decent website with video displays, great for any beginners.

An article on an interesting concept. I remember my hurdle coach in High School yelling at us to sprint with a "soft face" over and over, really goes to show what kind of effect it can have. Also shows yet again how connected the muscles are to each other, tense facial muscles means tense neck muscles. Tense neck muscles means tense traps, which run down to the middle of the back, etc. Curious to see some further studies done on it, but good food for thought nonetheless. When you read about the increased rotational ability think about it in terms of your backhand huck.

"There are so many gimmicks out there, but the other day I watched Michael
getting fitted, and they put the sensors on his face and looked at the large
muscles of his neck, and his facial muscles, and he had increased range of
motion," Castellano said. "Not an inch. Eight to 10 inches.

If you think my workouts are tough, check out JumpCoach's Monday session. Dirty, just dirrty. Then go back to your training and ask yourself if you can work harder.


Movement Prep: standard movement prep

50 overhead slams w/heavy ball mixed in w/mini band shuffles
25 side-tosses w/feet in backhand huck position (each side)

Plyo drills:

1A: box march w/mini bands on knees
1B: Plyo pushups

2x's through

2A: lateral shuffles w/medicine ball overhead
2B: Jumping tuck pullups (10)

2x's through

Functional Lifts

1: Quick Drops
3 sets

2: Split-squat Quick Drops- same as above except landing in split-squat instead of regular squat, alternating legs each time. 3 sets.

3: 1 Arm Snatches- 3 sets of 8 each arm.

4: Kettlebell Swings- 50 swings, used a dumbbell instead of kettlebell.

F yeah Lakers,

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